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jinghong network Provides all-round Services such as domestic Sourcing ,quality control ,Tech support ,Brand design ,trade for global high-quality brand customers.

The Company from accessories to finished Products, logistics, Freight forwarding, etc., in China have rich supplier resources.
Accessories suppliers have chipset , modules, IC components, shell, lens, battery, antenna, packing etc. Finished product industry include smart home, network communication and consumer electronics,LED lighting etc . There are different levels of supplier selection. Logistics freight forwarders have special line air shipping quality suppliers.

Familiar with the factory operation, understand the demands of overseas customers, can Provide one-stop service support for foreign high-quality brand customers. Save customer communication costs, improve Sourcing efficiency, product brand level, etc.

The main services have sourcing, factory inspection, sample test, brand design,such as package ,logo design, video production, inspection goods, shipment and other supporting services. Company's Goal is help VIP partner to save 5% - 15% of the annual Sourcing, transportation and after-sales costs, and increase the turnover by 10% - 50%


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