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tuya (Hangzhou tuya Information Technology Co., Ltd., NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391) is a leading technology company committed to making life smarter. Doodle provides a cloud platform that can connect everything intelligently, create interconnected development standards, connect brands, OEM manufacturers, developers, retailers, and the intelligent needs of various industries. Doodle's solutions empower and enhance the product value of partners and customers, At the same time, through technological applications, consumers' lives are more convenient, and smart commercial SaaS with graffiti intelligence provides intelligent solutions for a rich vertical industry. Graffiti Intelligence is a leading industry technology that meets strict data protection standards and security. And we have collaborated with multiple Fortune 500 companies to make life smarter, including Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo, and others.


Created on:2023年10月10日 15:07